How to decorate your children’s room

When it comes to the decoration of bedrooms it is very important to be clear about the nature of the room. If it is a children’s bedroom, for example, we must take into account a number of things.

Remember that it is a room of the house in which the little ones will spend a good amount of time, then you will have to be prepared to make it more homely for them.

How to decorate your children’s room

You should decorate it in such a way that they can study, play, sleep and do all kinds of activities that children like to do.

In this article, we want to give you a series of short tips to help you create a room for your children that they will enjoy being in and has been thoughtfully designed so it is safe for kids.

Decorating the children’s bedroom is not always easy to work and you should get your child or children input before you start

But of course, we can’t really expect them to choose the furniture and they might need some gentle persuading when it comes to choosing the colors otherwise you may end up with a really hard to work with color like luminous yellow or black.

We can let them choose the theme but there must be a certain order in the decoration. Here are some things to keep in mind in a children’s décor.

Bedroom Furniture

If the room is small and you don’t have much space, the smartest thing to do is to buy versatile furniture that has several functions. In this way, we will avoid having to fill the bedroom with furniture that reduces the room for the children to play in and they won’t be able to move in it.

One good tip is to buy a bed that comes under bed storage.

There are many models on the market, you can choose one that fits into your theme color-wise.

Choosing the Right Colors

In terms of the colors of the walls and furniture, you know that they are influential in their mood. If you choose squeaky tones, kids will be more active and nervous, something we don’t want. That’s why the best are the colors in pastel tones: green, blue, pink. In addition to this, they also help to illuminate the room and make it feel more spacious.

Keep in mind that the curtains or textiles you use for windows also have to let in the sunlight. And since we are mentioning lighting it is essential to have a light shade that fits your theme or color scheme.

To break a little with the monochromatic feeling and not have the whole room of the same color, what you can do is place some cushions and decorative objects in more cheerful and stronger tones.

Tricks to Take Advantage of Unused Space

One of the most important things in the children’s room is that they have space to store all the toys, books, etc. Some of the options you have to take advantage of the space are these:

A good shelf where you can place stuffed animals, books, movies and everything they play with. If you get a bookshelf that has some drawers that’s even better because that way it will be all organized.

If not, you can also place things in boxes or baskets so that children learn how to sort and put everything in place when they are finished playing with it.

garden near children room

Toy trunks are also a perfect ally in this regard, as they can store larger toys or you can even put in bed linen that is from other seasons.

And remember that you can not miss a good spacious study table. It is an indispensable place for them to do their tasks so to save the maximum space in this regard you must choose a narrow board and stick it to the wall so that it occupies as little as possible.
Remember to place it in such a way that it gives it natural light directly.

Making the Kids Room Safer

With kids being inquisitive and full of beans (most the time) it’s important to try and reduce the risk of your children being injured whilst playing in there bedroom, this can easily be achieved very with some simple tips.

Try to remove risky sharp edges from beds or bedroom furniture. You can purchase corner protectors on the internet and they are basically rubber pieces that fit into the corners. Alternatively, you can take sharp edges away with a good belt sander under $50.

Another good tip is to fit electrical socket clips that stop children from sticking fingers in the sockets.

Window locks or limiting clips are a wise investment for young children’s bedrooms who have access to the windows and are able to open them.

Setting Up the Garden to Reduce Risks.

Another subject that is important in the garden, obviously, you can never eliminate all the risks it’s just not possible but you can reduce the risk in some areas.

When you consider the high number of children injured in their own garden

Some Simple Tips Are

  • The grass is much better for young children to play or learn to walk on as it is a soft landing compared to hard unforgiving concrete.
  • Don’t store heavy objects where children are playing especially don’t stand items up so there is a chance of them falling over.
  • Keep children away from greenhouses when unattended the glass is fragile and just leaning on it can cause it to break.
  • Always have a safety net installed on any trampoline because trampolines are one of the biggest injury causers to children.
  • Sharp edges should be removed where they are a potential hazard for children. You can do this with a simple electric sander.

Never leave young children unattended when there are potential risks of life dangers in the garden. eg Ponds, filled pools, large pets, BBQ on the go, high play sets or concrete steps.