As far as garden ornaments are concerned, the Welsh Dragon is one of the most famous and recognizable decorations in gardens. It is not hard to get the proper dragon to decorate your garden.

Best Garden Ornaments Ideas You Can Use

The Stone Windmill Garden Ornament. This particular design is relatively easy to make. It can be made with a slate block, sand, cement, and water.

welsh dragon garden ornaments
Buy Welsh Dragon Garden Ornaments for Garden Decor

Use cement to fill the top of the slab. To make the structure look more impressive, place the green grass under the stone that will make it look like the grass is growing out of the stone.

Sand the slate, cut out a circle and use cement to set it into place. Cut off the top of the circle and give it a round shape. Fill the rest of the hole with sand. Use gravel to fill the rest of the hole.

Water the cement around the windmill. This will ensure that the concrete does not stick to the wood. Make sure that you do not lay the concrete onto the wood, otherwise, the wood will dry out. Add more cement when needed. You can also use water to make it easier to build.

Remove the top part of the windmill after the cement has dried. Do not worry about making a hole in the wall, since there is nothing to poke out when it is done.

Use a string to hang the piece of wood over the gate. After putting in a covering of fabric, you can paint it using any color. After painting, you should fix it to the gate, either by painting over the finish.

If you want to go for something a little more elaborate, you don’t need to bother much with the materials and tools. All you need is a nice flat surface, which can be made of bricks or any other material. However, for a professional look, it is advisable to use bricks.

Place a metal gutter over the doorway. Once you have put the opening into place, use ropes to secure it. The gutter should come up close to the top of the doorway so that there is enough space below it for the windmill to move.

Stone Windmill Garden Ornament
Stone Windmill Garden Ornament

The Stone Windmill Garden Ornament with Stone Truss. This design will give your garden a classic look. The whole idea of this particular design is to resemble the top part of a lighthouse. This is a rather intricate decoration that can be constructed from various materials, including steel pipes, marble, and brick.

You can glue the pipes to the outside, where they will connect to the outside walls. Use concrete to form the sides of the pipe. After that, use a bunch of straw to hold up the pipe as support.