These arbor and trellis ideas show ways to grow plants, add privacy, and provide overhead shade in your garden or patio. Rose arbors are the classic choice, but there are many other planting options as well.

If you would like more privacy ideas for your outdoor space, click here.

Arbors, Trellis, Obelisks, and More

Arbors, trellis, obelisks, screens…these are all great ways to add vertical interest to the garden, combining function with art. What starts out as a plant support becomes a beautiful focal point like the arbor in the first image (below). I’ve gathered a bunch of images from garden tours to give you ideas for your garden.

Here you’ll see supports for climbers, seating areas, bold artistic structures, rustic arbors, and more. While adding one of these items can transform your garden, don’t forget that removing an old one is equally as transformative, also providing a fresh start.

If you want to build a structure, check your local library for plans.

1Arbor in Rose Garden

Making Arbors and Trellises | Amazon

2Defining a Patio

This garden has a bold, contemporary look I love. It’s all about the incredible structure surrounding the patio area and the use of black stain on the wood including the surrounding garden fence.

Need trellis for climbing fruit and veggie vines? Here’s an idea.

3Simple Staircase Plant Stand

Use prefab stair stringers and this project is easy!
You can get the complete tutorial here.

4Seating Area with Trellis Roof

If you compare this seating area to the previous garden, you can see how influential the choice of paint and stain colours are. This one stained black would have an entirely different vibe.

Want to make a chain link fence private? See this post for a variety of ideas.

5Seating Area With Roof Amongst Pine Trees

6Hot Tub Area

7Outdoor Dining Area

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8Rustic Log Arbor

The clematis is slowly making its way up this arbor. If you would like a really simple way to understand clematis care, see this easy guide.

9Rose Arbor With Walkway

11Arbor with Trellis Sides

12Rose Garden Arbor With Bench

Yes, the scent in this rose garden is just as lovely as you’d expect!

13Simple Arbor in Perennial Garden

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14White Arbor With Seating Area

15Trellis-Walled Outdoor Garden Room

This structure to eventually be entirely covered in vines, creating a nice, cool place to sit on a hot day.

16Support for Overhead Climbing Vines

This type of structure is a great idea if you want more privacy in your back garden but don’t wish to have a tall fence or wait for trees to grow.

17Rustic Fence Rail Arbor With Climbing Clematis

18Japanese-Inspired Teahouse Seating Area

This entire garden was designed to mimic classic Japanese gardens, or as much as you can do this in Canada. Lots of green, with a few white flowers, stones, small fountains with running water, and places to sit like this teahouse-inspired area.

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19Classic White Arched Garden Arbor

White Garden Arch | Amazon

20Basic White Garden Arbor With Picket Fence

21Rustic Fence Rail Arbor With Metal Trellis Sides

22Simple Curved Arbor With Clematis

23Large Grid Privacy Screen With Climbing Roses

24Garden Obelisk – 4 Sided

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25Blue Garden Obelisk

This one is in my garden and holds a watermelon vine.
You can get the free obelisk tutorial here.

26Garden Obelisks in Wooden Planters

27Garden Obelisk With Pointy Top

28Rustic Fence Rail Trellis

I included this one just for the whimsy. I like it when gardeners just do what they can with what they have.

This is the simplest way to add vertical interest to a garden – old wooden ladders. This one sat in my garden for years and gradually the tendrils of the clematis took hold and it was covered in beautiful flowers.

This DIY strawberry arbor is a smart way to add vertical growing space to your garden. You can add any container plants including flowers, strawberries, salad greens, herbs, or tomatoes!

If you want privacy, this is a freestanding privacy screen I built in my garden. And yes, those are bug hotels on there.

~Melissa the Empress of Dirt ♛

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