The latest issue of Organic Gardener has naturally great gardening and eco-living ideas to help you live simply. Pick up tips for growing heirloom zucchinis, turn a bathtub into a worm farm, learn more about the slow clothing movement, plus discover how to ensure your chooks (and you) have a happy holiday.

Planning for the festive season is easy with our feature on organic drinks and plants that make the perfect gift. Also, we chat with Costa from ABC Gardening Australia about life, gardening and the planet. Be inspired this summer!

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20th anniversary: Looking forward

Some of our contributors, past and present, talk about their gardening lives, the changing environment and our future. 

Kitchen: Waste not

We often waste edible parts of common vegetables and herbs – Justin Russell explains what we are missing out on.

Grow: Super producers

Penny Woodward says zucchinis can be flavoursome and prolific, making a great vegie garden staple.

Grow: A herb to dye for            

Penny Woodward loves the butter-yellow flowers of dyer’s chamomile, as they attract butterflies and can be used as a dye.

Biology: The cryptogamic garden

Alison Pouliot delves into the world of mosses, liverworts, lichens and more, explaining their valuable role in the garden.

Action: To your health           

Gardening is not just about work, make sure you leave space and time to just get out in your garden and enjoy!

Natural solutions: Cane toads           

Simon Webster looks at how we can slow the march of the cane toads from the north into southern states. 

Life: Accidental artisans

How a family used the principles of permaculture and a desire for self-reliance to build a thriving natural skincare business.

Harvest: Baskets full of goodness

Chef and organic farmer Matthew Evans is back with another book about life on his Fat Pig Farm.

Drinks: Organic celebrations

Max Allen says there is a growing array of local organic drinks, so your festive celebrations can be all-Australian and organic.

Planet: Clothes with meaning

Slow fashion advocate Jane Milburn says it’s time we paid more attention to the eco-footprint of our clothing. 

Conversation: Costa Georgiadis

Leanne Croker chats with ABC Gardening Australia’s host about life, gardening and the future of the planet.

Life: Spreading garden love

Author Eliza Henry-Jones reflects on her gardening life and memories, and the many rewards. 

Poultry: Happy chook holidays

Jessamy Miller explains how to set up your chooks when you want to go on holidays. 


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  • Losing the plot: Simon Webster reveals a secret love of lawns.     

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