If you want to make a fence taller for privacy, these fence extension ideas will help. There are several ways to add height to an existing fence, and block out your neighbors from peering into your yard.

No fence? No problem. See 20 Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy.

Making a Garden More Private

Need more privacy in your yard?

Craving privacy and solitude while working outside or relaxing in the garden is a basic human need. And basic survival for some of us.

Have a look at these ideas for either extending fences to increase the height, or how to get innovative within your property line to obscure the view from neighboring houses.

Privacy Screen In The Yard

This first one is set a few feet from the property line and the wood supports lean on the smaller fence behind it. If there are restrictive fence height regulations where you live, this could be a good workaround.

Often fences are limited to 6 or perhaps 8-feet tall, but there are fewer restrictions for items on your property although you may need permits, particularly if the structure will be overhead.

This tall screen is a good choice if you are trying to block out the view from a taller building.

By setting the screen in from the property line, you will actually provide more privacy from than you would if your fence was taller.

Extend Your Fence for Privacy

Want more privacy in your yard but don’t want to replace the fence? Have a look at these ideas for extending the fence you have to block out your neighbours.

While trees, vines, and shrubs are often the best long-term solution, adding onto a fence or screen is a fast way to get privacy now.

These photos were taken on local garden tours. Before you build anything, check your local bylaws and ordinances to understand the regulations and find out if any permits are required.

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AExtend Fence Posts

In this next one, they extended the support posts of the fence and added homemade lattice to the top section. Vines will eventually fill it in:

This shows how the post extensions were attached:

This metal hardware is called a ‘tie plate’.

Tie Plate | Amazon

BExtending Standard Fence

This fence is from my mother’s garden.

There was a fairly low 4-foot fence between houses. To raise the height, the posts were extended, and new boards were added at alternating lengths.

CScreen on Fence

You can see how the trellis screens in the next photo would be quite effective if several were placed together:

4Extend Raised Bed Posts

In my own garden, I made the back corner supports for this raised bed nice and tall so I could attach privacy screen across the back, and add ‘wings’ on either side.

It’s a great way to give a feeling of intimacy in the garden despite neighbors being close by.

Watch the video to see how I made it:

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If you want more ideas, see 20 Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy.

~Melissa the Empress of Dirt ♛

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