No big backyard? No worries! With a Composta worm farm and garden (yep, it’s all in one), you don’t need much space to get growing. The Composta is a simple eco-solution to disposing of organic kitchen waste, as well as providing a compact little garden for a balcony or small backyard – and you don’t need a green thumb as it is easy to  set up and use. Australian-made and Australian-owned, the Composta is BPA-free and UV stable, with a stylish design – just add soil and worms and you are good to go. It’s the perfect set-up for fresh herbs and leafy green vegetables, such as lettuce. 
Each Composta worm farm and garden includes:
  Planter pot 
  Composting canister 
  Detachable legs
  Drainage gravel
You need to purchase 500 compost worms separately (there are numerous online suppliers).

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