Zoysia Grass is a hardy perennial grass that is native to the mountainous region of western China. The leaves are usually dense, and the bracts have become woody and cylindrical in shape.

Zoysia Grass is a fast-growing plant that may produce plants that can grow up to two meters high. It produces a dense bushy base, and a fine, green, feathery surface of large, coarse grasses. This grass is very useful for shade in shady conditions.

Some local names for Zoysia Grass include Yili Qiao, Yu Guan Chun, and Qiyi Guo Bao. It is also known as Scotch grass in America, Bermuda grass in the Bahamas, Scallop grass in Australia, and Seven Tumbled Ground in West Sussex.

Top Brands:

  • Zenith
  • Emerald
  • Empire
  • Bermuda
  • Scotts

When the Zoysia Grass is clipped, the leaves are separated into smaller segments and soaked in water. Then the seeds are removed from the segments and ground to powder. Zoysia Grass is the national flower of Shenyang city, China. The grass has only three species, and they are Xiong Dong Zoysia Grass, Xiong Dong Bai Zoysia Grass, and Yi Qi Tai Zoysia Grass.

The Zoysia Grass is very useful in controlled irrigation systems where drought conditions require drip irrigation. The seed is particularly suitable for urban areas where many people live in one area since it has become a great interest in conservation efforts. The grass grows best on terraced and rocky areas, especially where it receives indirect sunlight. It is often grown as a substitute for more exotic grasses which can be difficult to maintain and can be a nuisance in your yard.

Some seeds of Zoysia Grass are said to be resistant to a number of diseases, including leaf spots. The grass can be infected by fungus and mildew. The grass can be seeded at any time of the year but is especially recommended for spring seeding in areas where it will receive direct sunlight in late spring or early summer.

Zoysia Grass grows well on rock surfaces such as that found at the top of terraced gardens. It is especially useful as a shade substitute for large shrubs, with each stem producing hundreds of stems along the way. Zoysia Grass is a versatile grass that produces new plants that are strong and healthy.